Getting to know me

Hello world, it is I. Karli Renae Middleton. Let us get to know each other! Not like in depth, because this is the first time we are talking to each other and I do not want to give it all up on the first date. What kind of a girl do you think I am? However! I do not want to be so cold as to make you never want to come back and read again! No! So, I must leave you hanging like Suzanne Collins did with the Epilogue in Mockingjay.

Let’s get the basics off of our chests.

My name is Karli, nice to meet you! And you are?

That’s such a cool name! Well I’m 18 and I am a born and raised Hoosier. I am currently in a relationship with the guy, I think and hope, that I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I am currently attending Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis, or as people like to say, IUPUI. What am I going for you may ask? Elementary Education. I have gone to school my whole life, to go back to school and teach. Logic? None.

My favorite color is yellow. But not like pee yellow, or like mustard yellow. Not even neon yellow. I like sunflower yellow. I like the yellow the sun is in the middle of the afternoon as it beats down from above, turning my skin beat red. I like yellow, because it reminds me of happiness and we all deserve to be happy.

Depression. That’s a word most don’t mention on the first date. Like I said, I’m not going to lay everything out on the table for you on the first date, but I will say a bit about things to get you thinking. Depression is, by definition, “a brain disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life”. Let me tell you, it does just that and then some.

Anxiety. Another topic most do not like talking about, why? No clue. I’ll continue talking about this at a later date. Right now, I’m to anxious making sure that this gets done perfectly to care about talking about how my anxiety affects me on a daily basis.

My boyfriend you ask? Well that’s a whole nother ball game. We’ll get to that at a later date.

For the most part, that’s all I think I’m going to stay. If this little tid bit doesn’t make you want to hang around, then I have no clue what is going to!

As Tiger always says, “Ta-ta for now!”


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