Favorite Christmas Candies

Hey guys! I know this one is going up a little late today, but it’s been a long day. Anyway, today’s post is all about my favorite holiday goodies! They include, but are not limited too;

1. Peppermint Bark

2. Chocolate covered cherries

3. Candy canes (but cherry flavored)

4. Reese’s Bells

5. Dove Snowflakes

6. Kit Kat Holiday Bars (however, I can’t eat them anymore so ya know…. sigh… excuse me while I go cry silently in the corner)

7. Hersey’s Candy Cane Kisses

8. Peppermint Nougats

9. Andes peppermint crunch

10. Milk chocolate Santa’s (basically any chocolate Santa’s)

11. Holiday Mint M&M’s

12. Holiday Peppermint M&M’s

13. Reese’s Snowmen

14. Reese’s peanut butter trees

15. Twix trees (even though, once again, I can’t eat them)

16. Lindt milk chocolate snowmen

17. Hershey’s milk chocolate Santa’s

18. Russel Stover Carmel Santa’s

19. Snickers trees

So yea, that’s about all I can think of without drooling down my chin. I love the candy around Christmas time. It’s amazing, and the flavors are amazing. Leave a comment down below about what your favorite Christmas candy is! Is it on the list? Or do you have one that I should try (keep in mind, it has to be gluten free)?


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