Hobbies: I Want You

Okay, I know that the title sounds a little strange. But bare with me. There are things that I have always wanted to make what I call “a permanent hobby”. What I mean by that is there are things that I have wanted to get into, started in them, and then gave up on it. I hate that I have let a ton of things that I love to do just go to never never land.

For example:

1. Scrapbooking- I love to scrapbook and I used to do it all of the time. I got back into it after I graduated, because I got a scrapbook specifically designed for graduation. I got all of my graduation pictures printed off, and I worked on it for hours on end. Then one day, I just stopped and that scrapbook is now sitting on the top shelf of my closet unfinished. I have three other completely empty scrapbooks sitting up there as well, with a bag full of materials to go in them and boxes full of pictures. My mamaw was the one to get me into scrapbooking, and when she died I did it almost religious. It was like my way of having her still her, but then I just strayed away from it. I love everything to do with scrapbooking, which is the worst part about all of this. I love the way you have to organize a page to make it look just right, and adding the proper stickers in the right places, and shopping for new background papers, stickers, and supplies. This is the biggest thing I have to get started back into.

2. Sewing- This is another thing that I did for a while and stopped. It’s also another thing that I was brought into by my aunt, and then when she died stopped. We made tons of things together. We made tons of Barbie Doll clothes, costumes, a diaper bag for my baby dolls, and even some of my clothes. But not only do I want to get back into it to feel closer to her, its a life long skill that could come in handy in many instances. There have been so many times that I have needed buttons sewn back on pants and no ones known how, or I’ve needed pants hemmed and no ones known how. So learning could be the best thing for me and my future family.

3. Photography- I have 3 film cameras in my closet right now, and they aren’t being used at all. I love to take pictures, and to capture a moment for eternity. But I don’t have a digital one, and film is so expensive now a days. So most of the time I use my phone to take pictures. But even then I haven’t been doing this as much as I would like to be. It’s something that I love to do. I love seeing that perfect shot come on the screen, or come out of the printer. There is just something so special about it, and I can’t find the right words for it.

4. Planning- I love to plan, and to decorate my planner. I love all things planners, and I love every minute of finding new pieces to put in my planner. Right now I have a Blue Sky planner that my parents bought me for Christmas. It didn’t have any pockets, or anything like that. So I took four Avery page protectors, cut the white strip off of them, and taped them into the planner. I want to get more into my planner and where I can go with my planner. I want to invest in a “better” one and see where I can take that one to. The possibilities with planners are endless and whatever you want them to be.

5. Couponing- I feel like this is something everyone should get into. There are so many things that can be done with coupons, if you use them in the right ways. For example, you can get so many things free and or get money back. I used to love watching the TLC show “Extreme Couponing”, and seeing how many things they used to get free things was incredible. I loved watching every episode of it. Knowing that there is ways to save big bucks is the sole reason why I want to get into it. Saving money is the biggest thing I need to be doing right now.

6. Cooking- Now I’ve been getting better at this one. I’ve been cooking a lot recently. In fact, last night I made Chicken Parmesan, pasta, and a homemade tomato sauce to top everything off. This is the third time I’ve made this dish, so you can tell it’s become a family favorite. I made a hamburger helper meal the other night too… Let’s just say that will never be made again.. It was awful with a capital A.

7. Baking- Now this one is going to be a bit harder to get back into, because I have to de-glutenfy everything. Now this may sound easy, you just take the wheat out of things and replace it with gluten free flour. Yea no. Not that easy. You not only have to replace wheat flour for gluten free flour, but in a lot of instances you have to add in xanthan gum, which is used to bind things and keep them in place. This component has to be added because it’s been taken out of the components that make up gluten free flour. So it’s not as easy as one may think. But this is something that I love doing. For my graduation party, I made gluten free vanilla cupcakes, with a homemade cream cheese frosting, and a homemade marshmallow fluff filling. Let me just say, it was pretty delicious.

These are just a few things I am thinking of off the top of my head. But they are all things that I really want to get into. I’m hoping in this new year, I can really get these things back! Comment below whats something you’ve fallen out of habit of doing and really want to get back?


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