High School v. College: Round 1

In the left corner, we have high school weighing in at 4 years of pure hell. In the right corner, we have college weighing in as many years as it takes to get your degree! Ring the bell! Start (I don’t know how wrestling terms work, even though I watch every paperview with Kyle)!

High school and college are so different from each other. I mean, at least mine are. See I went to a Catholic private high school, where I graduated with around 300 other kids. In college however, my class will be so much bigger than that. I doubt I’ll even know 10 of them by the time it’s all said and done with. But coming from a bubble where I knew everyone by name to a school where I barely know people by their faces, it is definitely shell shocking.

I’ve made a list of ways Roncalli and IUPUI differ from each other. Here we go;

1. Roncalli was very close knit. A majority of people knew everyone in our class. There wasn’t really any clicks. Everyone was friends with everyone. Now by that, I don’t mean we were all best friends who gathered around a campfire on the weekends to sing songs or something like that. But we were all civil to each other, and no one was really rude to anyone. At IUPUI, it is definitely not that. I know 25 people by name, due to the TLC program I was in this first semester. Other than that, I know like maybe 10 other people that I went to high school with that went to IUPUI too. Everyone is so distance with everyone.

2. We had to wear uniforms at my high school. Now I don’t mean like normal clothes with like some rules on what you can and can’t wear. No, I mean like khakis and or navy blue pants with red, white, or blue polos with our schools name on it, or a navy blue or grey sweatshirt with the school name on them. College there is no uniforms… Now for the first few weeks this scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know what to wear, or what was going to be okay. I was afraid that someone was going to stop me and send me to some office because my shorts were to high, or my yoga pants were to tight. But when I walked on campus and didn’t get stopped for wearing leggings and a t-shirt, I was absolutely flabbergasted.

3. We had the same classes everyday, at the exact same time. Now granted in college it’s sort of the same principle. I mean everyday you have the same classes at the same time… for that day. They change everyday though. So for example, my second semester of senior year my schedule went like this; Religion, Economics, Choir, French, Lunch and Channel 1 (it’s like a study hall basically), Trigonometry, English, and Cadet Teaching. Every day, like clockwork. Woke up at 6:30, out the door by 7:00, at school by 7:15, in class by 7:30, school, out at 2:05 to go to my Cadet Teaching school (ie. my grade school/my little sisters school), out of that by 3:00, and home by 3:30. It was ingrained in my head. Then I had to get accustomed to my schedule last semester, and just when I got used to it, I have to switch things up again for this coming semester (which starts on Monday and I’m actually freaking out a bit, because I know no one in these classes which means whole new people, and whole new possibilities of getting judged hardcore which is something I can’t deal with and I know that this is one giant complete run on but it doesn’t really bother me).

4. My high school was so strict. I mentioned earlier about our uniforms. But that is not the only thing that my high school was strict about. We were not to use our phones at any time between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm. If you were caught with your phone, then it was an automatic three day in school suspension and all of your grades dropped a whole letter grade. Drugs and alcohol was another big one. My junior year a party of mainly kids from my school got busted. 19 of the seniors got arrested (all over 18), and 10 were released to their parents (under 18). Most of the 19 got expelled. Oh, did I mention that this party took place in April? One month before graduation, and they got expelled from school, arrested, and couldn’t graduate. It was intense. College, no one really cares. You’re an adult, you make your own decisions, and you suffer your own consequences.

Over all, that’s really all I can think about at the moment. It’s late and I am getting super tired. But for the most part, everyone’s high school and college experience is different from mine. So maybe for some college isn’t all that different from high school. But coming from my bubble into the “real world”, it was definitely shell shocking.


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