Health Update: Part 2

Well guy’s, I’m back. I know it’s been forever and I’m sorry about that. I mentioned in my last post that I have been having a lot of different health issues going on. For example, I’ve been having joint pain so bad that I can’t walk. I’ve been getting extremely fatigued, and have been falling asleep at the wheel lately. There is a lot more going on. So I know that I talked about most of this in the last post, but I’m going to make a list down below and go into detail about whats going on.

  1. Joint pain- Basically what’s been going on is, I’ve been waking up with just a ton of joint pain. I mean it feels like I’m being stabbed in all of my joints, repeatedly. Sometimes I am bed ridden because of it, and can’t function. In fact there was one time a few weeks ago that I was in so much pain that I got delirious. I was rambling on and on about how cool it was that the 9’s multiplication table can be written 0-9 downwards, and then back up 0-9 the same way.
  2. Extreme Fatigue- I don’t know what it is lately, but I can never fall asleep. When I do fall asleep I get a solid 3-4 hours of sleep. Then I’m fine until around 5:30-6:00 the next morning. Even on this sleep schedule, I’m fine. I’m not tired. However, I will go through random fits of hardcore sleepiness. Last Monday, I was on my way to campus, driving down the highway, and I fell asleep at the wheel. I have never in my life fallen asleep at the wheel. I’ll zone out, but I have never fallen asleep at the wheel. I had to pull of the highway and wait a minute in a parking lot. After putting the car into park, I was passed out withing a few minutes. I could be up cleaning, or something, and have to lay down all of the sudden and pass out within a few minutes of my head hitting the pillow. I don’t know what’s causing it.
  3. Illness- Right now, I have the sniffles and I have a double ear infection. So that doesn’t add to all of the other stuff.
  4. Newly Found Problem- As some of you may know, I have a bump in my leg. I have had this bump for as long as I can remember. It has never bothered me, until I started college and walking around campus. So I brought it up to my doctor, and she sent me to a plastic surgeon. At first glance, the plastic surgeon decided that it was a lipoma (if you watch Dr. Pimple Popper, then you know what it is; if not, it’s a mass of fatty tissue). He sent me to get an ultrasound done on it to see if it was under the skin, or if it was under the muscle. He did this to determine what kind of surgery he was going to have to do on it. I had the ultrasound done yesterday (Monday, January 16th 2017). At first, I didn’t think the technician even saw anything on the machine. She kept asking me if I was sure I was in the right place, and I kept telling her yes I was sure. She went and got her head doctor, who then came and look at it. Long story short, it’s not a lipoma. It is a hernia (a tear in the muscle lining which causes the muscle to pop through the hole like a jack in the box when the muscle is flexed). So now I’m waiting on my plastic surgeon to get the pictures, make his finds, and contact me back to see where we go from here.


Basically, at the moment, that’s all I can really think of. I mean of course my IBS is flaring up because of how stressed I am with everything else. But other than that, I don’t think there is anything else. I promise I’m going to get back to posting daily about a topic other than my health. Just bare with me, and stick with me through all of this!


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