March Goals!

Hey guys! Long time no talk! Let me tell you what, it’s been crazy! But, I’m back (hopefully) and plan on staying! Today’s post is all about the goals I have for March!

1. Post daily on here; this is my number one goal! I want to get content out to you, and I want to grow my audience. It’s going to be sort of difficult, but I’m going to try my hardest to get it done!

2. Find a job; I lost my job a few days ago, because I have “too many medical issues going on”. While this is true, I need the job. I need the money. But oh well, on to bigger and better things I guess. When one door closes, another door opens.

3. Get us where we need to be; By us, I mean Kyle and I. We both don’t have jobs, and living in my parents house. I can’t stand it. Honestly, I am going to scream if I have to spend another minute here.

4. Get school back up and going; I’m failing out right now. So you know what, anything I can do to get back to where I was.

That’s about it for right now! See ya next time!


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