April Showers, Bring May Flowers

Guess whose back *back, back, back*, back again *gain, gain, gain*, Karli’s back *back, back, back*, tell your friends *ends, ends* (you’re welcome for that lol)

Well guys, I’m back with another monthly goals post. Since the last one went oh so well (not), I figured I’d give it another go! This past month was crazy! Between getting things together to withdraw from school, to my moms brain surgery and recovery, things got really busy. But I figured I would give you guys a short update on everything, and then dive right into this months goals!

So as I just mentioned, I have decided to withdraw from school. Between my failing of classes, needing to get a job to help with finances, and needing to be around to help with the house, to pick things up, and to watch my little sister, it just made since. Did I want to? No. Did I have to? No. Did I need to? Yes. IUPUI has given me some of the greatest memories, and not really any friends. Buttttt, it was still amazing and I loved it. I’m going to miss it dearly.

Mom had her surgery a little over a week ago, and while things were very touch and go for a few days, she’s doing great! After throwing up for over 36 hours, and flat lining twice for 2-3 seconds each time, she was finally able to come home on Wednesday. She is just suffering the pain from the pressure of the swelling of the brain, and some motor skill problems with her left leg still. Before surgery, her left leg would drag behind her when she walked. Now it will start to get really shaky, then give out on her causing her to crumble to the ground. We aren’t sure if that is going to be permanent damage, or if it can be fixed over time with physical therapy. Only time will tell!

Now onto the meat and potatoes! This months goals, while last months weren’t irrational per say, are going to be easy. I have decided to take part in a challenge this month (30 day Emotional Eating Challenge). Basically, everyday is a different prompt steming from a different area. By the end, you will gain a better grasp on why you emotionally eat, and how to fix/curb that. So in addition to a random regular post, everyday you will be getting that days prompt, and a snippit of what my response was. My actual responses will go into either a journal, or a word document (I’m not sure how I want to go about it yet).

So, basically, my goals for this month consist of the following;

1. Take part, and finish the 30 Day Emotional Eating Challenge

2. Get a new job

3. Have a fun birthday!

And 4. Fulfill the trackers and things for my first real month in my bullet journal

I’m so excited to really get to dive in and start my bullet journal adventure this month (be sure to stay tuned on a post all about how it’s going, what supplies I’m using, and some of my favorite spreads)!

Well that’s all for now, so I’ll see you a bit later (it’s 4:30 in the morning…) with my first challenge post!


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