Upcoming Changes!

Hey folks, well as many of you can see… I fell off the band wagon with my 30 Day Emotional Eating Challenge. So, as I sit here and start planning out my May Goals post, I realized that posting everyday is just not a feasible thing for my life right now. Maybe on later down the line, I can get back into an everyday post. But I decided that for the month of May, we were going to switch things up a bit and try a schedule.

Instead of a post everyday, I am going to post 3 times a week. Ever Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you will get a post from me! I have a variety of posts lined up, but if there is something that you really want to hear my opinion on, or get more in depth about a topic or something I’ve mentioned before, comment down below!

I am always open to new things! Can’t wait to see where this takes me!


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