May 2016: Review

Hey guys, I know this is a few days late but hang with me. I have had a lingering bronchitis hanging on to my lungs for dear life for, pretty much all of May. It has not been fun at all. I’ve felt like crap the entire month, and I didn’t really accomplish much, or even do a whole lot the entire month. It’s not been fun at all, but I have a few things for my monthly review. So let’s get right on into it!

My younger sister finally made it through middle school, and graduated 8th grade. It was honestly a miracle that she made it, with how many days she missed. Her grades went up and down more than a roller coaster does. She has ADHD, and already has trouble in school. But in August, about 2 weeks into the school year, she broke her leg and had to have surgery to fix it. This set her back a lot, but then you throw in kids and how cruel they can be. Needless to say, she had a rough year and finally made it.

The other big thing that happened this month was I re-enrolled in classes for the fall. Some of you may know that at the end of March, when mom came home from the hospital after surgery, I decided that my assets were better to be used at the house than trying to focus at school. So I withdrew at the end of March, and spent my time helping out around the house and with mom. With that being said, I re-enrolled for the fall term and I couldn’t be more excited. I have decided to switch my major though, and I am going to go to school for Event Management. I think that is where I should be.

Some random things that happened this past month were;

My high school became Sectional Baseball Champions.

Kyle and I made it to being together for 11 months.

I went to my first high school baseball game, even though I don’t go there anymore.

I got turned down for a job for the first time ever.

Kyle got a gym membership.

I had my first ever bone scan.

I applied to 17 jobs, heard back from 5 of them, and had an interview with 1 of them.

I have had bronchitis since the 11th of this month.

So yea, that was my month! What was yours like? Did anything fun happen for you?


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