Bullet Journal Supplies 101

Hey guys! So I use a bullet journal as my way of planning! For most of you, you probably aren’t aware what a bullet journal is. So I have put the link to the official bullet journal website here (http://bulletjournal.com/) so you can go check it out! In a nutshell, bullet journaling is a creative outlet that can be used to create your own planner. So for example, ever month I draw out a new monthly calendar in my bullet journal so I can plan out my month.

Now what I believe are some of the essential bullet journal supplies, may not be what others think are the most essential supplies. Some people just use a pen an paper to make their bullet journal, they are called minimalists. However, I wanted to incorperate my love for stickers into my bullet journal. So I use stickers! Some people just use washi tape, some people just use stickers, and some people just use markers! The thing I love about bullet journaling is you can tailor it to whatever you want!

I am going to have a link (if I can find one) to the products I talk about below! So let’s get right on in!

First things first, you are going to need a journal to bullet journal! Now the most popular type of journal is called a dot grid journal. What this means is, instead of the pages being filled with lines, like a normal journal, it has dots that make these little squares. The most common dot grid journal that’s used is the Leuchtturm1917 (Amazon Leuchtturm Journal ). As show in the link, Amazon does carry them. Now you can go to the Leuchtturm website to buy the journal, but wouldn’t you want to save a few bucks! However, for my first journal I didn’t really know what I wanted in it. So I decided that I was going to venture away from the pack, and try something different. I got the extra large, dot grid, soft cover Moleskin. It’s a great journal, but I think I would prefer a hardback cover, so I am going to try a Leuchtturm1917 when I finish this one!

The second thing you are going to need is of course something to write with. Now there are many different types of utensils out there that people use to write in the their bullet journal with. The most popular ones are the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens. These are a felt tip pen, and they come in different sizes. I have the 0.1 XS, 0.3 S, and 0.5 F. I love these pens! They dry fast, and don’t smudge as bad as other pens I have use. They only ghost a bit, and don’t bleed through!

Another popular utensil are the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Now the link I have provided takes you straight to the Tombow website, but Amazon carries them, Jet.com also has them, and most craft stores have them as well. These pens are great for calligraphy, as they have a brush pen on one side and a marker tip on the other. I have not tried these out yet, but I am looking to in the coming future. So I will for sure have a product review up when I do try them out!

Some pens that I use that aren’t all that popular consist of the Stabilo Point 88 Fine Pens. They have a 0.4 point tip, so they can right super small. They are amazing! They don’t bleed through, and only the darker colors ghost through! I love these pens! I also use the Papermate Flair pens in M. These are felt tip pens, and are my tried and true. I have used these pens for forever! I use them to take notes in school, I use them in my bujo, I use them when I am just making lists. I literally use them for everything!

Another brand of pens that I use are the Sharpie Pens. Most people like to use the Sharpie Art Pens. But I prefer to use the regular old Sharpie Pen. It writes beautifully, with minimal ghosting.

Other supplies one might want when bullet journaling is washi tape! You can get washi tape from literally anywhere! Target, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Kroger, craft stores, you name it! I just recently stumbled upon Papersource.com and they have an abundance of almost any sort of washi tape you could possibly need! I love it! One may also want stickers, a ruler, a pencil, and an eraser! These are all to the journalers preference, but I know most people use a Wescott ruler!

So there you have it! My list to everything bullet journaling! I can’t wait to expand my collection of supplies as I continue on my bullet journaling road! Do you bullet journal? What is your favorite type of supplies? Anything I should try?


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