Start of Christmas with Karli

Hey guys! So I’ve decided for the entire month of December I’m going to write something Christmas related! So today’s post is gonna be all about how my family celebrates Christmas Eve and Christmas.

So every Christmas Eve my family and I always get dressed up (as nice as we possibly can) and go to midnight mass at our church. Then after mass, we go to Dennys to get food (because its the only thing open at 2 o’clock in the morning and is gluten free). Then we come home and go to bed.

Shortly after that however, we are awoken by my little sister freaking out about getting presents. Then we all get up, gather around the tree, divy out the presents to everyone, and start to open them up. After seeing what all “Santa” has brought us (yes, I do know the truth, however I still believe in him so pffft). Then, while my mother and father slave over a hot stove cooking dinner for us, my sister and I sit on the couch and loveseat eating whatever candy we seemed to have accumulated in our stockings. 

After eating a wonderful meal made with tears, sweat, and no blood from my parents. We eat, and go across the street to my cousins house to open presents. From there, we then go to my grandmas house.

However, this year is going to be a very different one. My boyfriend is going to be here, I’m going to have a boyfriend, my grandma is back across the street, and I still don’t know if my boyfriends mom willie here or not. So yea, its gonna be interesting. Ill keep ya posted on how things go man.


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